Kazatomprom at a glance 2021

Kazatomprom's ranking in global uranium mining and sales
Production highlights

Kazatomprom’s share of the global natural uranium mining market
(based on attributable share of production), %
Beryllium product output, tonnes of Be

Kazatomprom's uranium output (in proportion to the shareholding),
Tantalum product output, tonnes of Ta

Niobium product output, tonnes of Nb
Fuel pellet output, tonnes

Financial highlights

Group’s revenues, KZT billion

Capital expenditure of mining companies
(on a 100% basis)1, KZT billion

Operating profit, KZT billion
Earnings per share, KZT/share2

Net profit, KZT billion
Adjusted earnings per share, KZT/share3

Net debt/adjusted EBITDA
Dividends paid, KZT billion

Staff and social sector

Headcount, employees (100% across the Holding)
Female share of total headcount, %

Contributions to budgets for the social and economic development
of the regions where the Company operates, KZT million

Occupational Health & Safety

LTIFR (per 1 million man-hours)

Unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, near-miss reporting

Number of accidents
Number of fatalities

Environmental Performance and Energy Consumption

Gross energy consumption (heating and electricity), '000 GJ
Total water withdrawal, '000 m3

Gross GHG emissions, t СО2 eq